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Weesperstraat 96a 1112 AP Diemen

Exciting news;       (February)

Today something was not ordinary happened around Studio LaTr in Diemen. 

We are very exciting and proud that our studio has been chosen for documentary program. 
Turkish television TRT has been our guest. 
Recording some document about "working at, side of your home" 
We hope that it comes online in soon.

setting up the equipment
Footage at LaTr Interior
Footage at LaTr Interior
Sniep in progress
Sniep in progress


is finalised, almost no 

changes from project.

Except for, suggested art works on the walls are not willing to hang by the house owners. 



(The bedroom

Denim blue

& white)








(The living room Shades of green & naturals )


Sniep final
Sniep final
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